Who we are

Diversity Behavioral Health Services (DBHS) is a healthcare organisation in the state of Maryland. DBHS supports individuals living with Substance Abuse, Mental illness and provides quality Psychiatric Rehabilitation services to the eligible Adults and Minors in State of Maryland in a conducive environment.

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DBHS services

  • Comprehensive

    DBHS provides a comprehensive array of services that address physical, emotional, social and educational needs.

  • Family-Centered

    DBHS services follows a recipient and family-centered approach to strength-based service and achieve excellent results in the recipient's home.

  • Early Identification

    We promote early identification and intervention; and include specific recipient/family outcomes in the accountability system.

  • Culturally Appropriate

    Our practices recognise diverse cultures. People from different geographies feel at home with us.

  • Interagency Collaboration

    We are champions in interagency collaboration and cooperation. We work with diverse experts and teams.

  • Least Restrictive

    Our services are offered in least restrictive, and most normalized environment

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